Cree or hue?

I had all the firmware issues after the update to the Cree bulbs. Spoke with Cree and they offered to send replacement bulbs. My new bulbs have arrived, and I need to get the old ones pulled and shipped back to Cree. Trying to decide if I want to install the new Cree bulbs, or just sell them and buy hue. I’m down to only two locations that need these bulbs, so it’s not a huge project either way. I have the hue hub and some other hue bulbs already that are working fine with smartthings. I always had good luck with Cree, but now I’m just not sure. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I thought that the cree bulbs can be paired directly to the hue bridge.

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I typically go with what works. If Hue has been trouble free and Cree has given you issues then I would go with Hue.


I’ve not had major issues with my Cree bulbs. Once or twice a bulb went offline, but a simple reset took care of it. But no issues with them in many months.

That said, for any purchases going forward I will be buying Hue bulbs. The hue and Alexa ecosystems operate together independently of Smartthings, and the majority of my lighting needs are not programmatic but extemporaneous. And ST can control hue bulbs programmatically. So there’s no reason to purchase more Cree bulbs.

Sengled is the only one i use right now

I have had issues with Sengled as well. I would go with Hue because they seem to be rock solid. In fact, I have even paired several old GE Link bulbs (which have a known firmware problem that causes them to drop off the network all the time) to the Hue bridge and they have worked much better .