Need help understanding how to set up siren

I am leaving the house for a few days, and I just got some zwave motion sensors and door switches in the mail today. Threw 'em up real quick and paired them or whatnot.

I see that there is a Security feature under the Dashboard tab, which seems to do everything I want. But I am not able to actually test it since I’ve already left.

What I really want to know is… if i go to the My Home tab, then Things, I had originally set the Goodbye routine to turn the siren on. Does that actually mean the siren is making noise? I was thinking that on would mean it’s ready to make noise… but after seeing the Security tab under the Dashboard, I don’t understand which way is proper to set this siren. I’m hoping that if, under Things, siren is set to Off, the Security tab will override that setting. Don’t understand.

Please help! Thanks!

Anybody out there?


I have no idea. Just wanted to say something because I know people are reading this thread and wanted you to know.

Not sure anyone has this answer. I personally haven’t used this function of ST yet.

I would guess that it wouldn’t make noise however what Siren hardware do you have? Perhaps if you were more specific with your question someone could respond.

Sorry. :confused:

I have the Fortezz ssa01. Thanks!

I believe this would help you. Scroll down to the “Configuring Security alarms” section.

Also I found this about that siren.

Just FYI, I have some more info about the operation of the sirens:

The siren device type response as switch (in addition to as a siren). The issue is, when you send it the “on()” command as a light switch, it responds by sounding the alarm. They would need to modify the SHM to send only the “strobe()” command.

So, it’s not really a fault of the siren, rather how the device type and SHM are written.