Integration of iris sensors with Smart Hub

Can I integrate iris by lowes sensors with smart hub ?If yes can you suggest me how to do that?

The new ones in the purple box work. The contact sensor and motion sensor pair like any other device. Others require custom device handlers.

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i want to know about smartthings hub. Can I integrate iris sensors with smarththings hub.

That is the answer you were already given by @Automated_House .

The generation one sensors in the clear plastic boxes cannot be integrated with the smartthings hub.

does not work with SmartThings:

The generation two sensors in the purple boxes can be integrated with the smartthings hub, but originally you needed to use one of the community – created custom device handlers to get full use from them.

does work with SmartThings

For example, you can pair a contact sensor from the purple box using the generic smartthings device handler, but originally if you also wanted battery and temperature reporting, you had to use the custom code. (As @Automated_House noted below, the generic handler has since been updated to also read temperature from the contact sensor.)

The ones that can work with SmartThings will have a zigbee logo on the box that says "zigbee home automation 1.2"or “ZHA1.2”.

The older generation will just say “Zigbee,” and those cannot work with SmartThings.

The main thing is to make sure that you get the second generation Iris sensors.

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Thank you , this information is quite helpful. Does generic smartthings device handler can be used to integrate it with the iris smart water sensor or I need a custom device handler for that and if I need custom device handler how do I get it?

If you mean The Utilitech water leak sensor sold at Lowe’s,

that is a zwave device and I believe it is the same as the everspring water leak sensor which is on the official “works with smart things” list. If that is true, you will not need a custom device handler for it. :sunglasses:
This is the sensor I was talking about.Can u please check an tell me.
Next Gen Iris Smart Water Motion Sensor

Lowe’s Item # 782303
Manufacturer Model # 3315-L
Battery: 1 CR-2, included
Type of Wireless Communication - ZigBee HA 1.2
Note: This device is not compatible with Iris 1st Generation Hubs

Using the Iris Water Sensor

Once paired, the water sensor will begin detecting water right away. No additional setup is required. Simply place the water sensor icon-side-up on any non-conductive surface where potential floods and leaks need to be monitored. Set it in a low spot like under a sink or near an appliance such as a washing machine.

To review the status of your water sensor, go to the Safety Alarm Card in the app. You can review the alarm history or change who gets notified when the water sensor detects a leak.

If you have a water shut off valve paired to your system, the water sensor can be set to shut the valve when it detects water. Tap on More when in the Safety Alarm Card to turn this feature on or off.

Is there any device handler for this device?

Yes, you are right, that is one of the new second-generation zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2) devices. :sunglasses:

I haven’t seen any discussion of a device handler for it yet. @mitchp might know.

Ugh…man…this forum is really helping my wallet lose some weight lately :dizzy_face: I may “need” one of these for the basement…for science! As if I didn’t have enough irons in the fire lately

…I’ll probably report back tonight with a GitHub link :grin:


Can you please share the device handler code for this sensor.

He’s telling you that he hasn’t written a Device handler yet for the zigbee water sensor, but he will probably stop by Lowe’s today and buy the device so he can work on creating one.

@mitchp has contributed many device handlers to the community, including several for other Iris sensors, so I thought he might be interested. :sunglasses:

But there’s nothing to share yet because he hasn’t written it yet. He hasn’t even looked at the device yet.

On the other hand, it looks like some other Community members have already started working on a device handler for this water sensor. See the following thread, it has some code in it. People there should be able to answer any additional questions. :sunglasses:

@mitchp , looks like you can save some money and not buy this. :wink:

Actually, the stock ST device handler incorporates the full functionality ever since they updated the fingerprint a month or so ago. Contact, battery and temperature. I know this 100% for the contact sensors since I have a bunch of them. I’m pretty sure the same is true for the motion sensors, but I don’t have any to confirm this.

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Let’s be honest…that’s probably not going to happen :smile:


I can report that the Iris Water Sensor works perfectly with the “SmartSense Moisture Sensor” device type. They’ve added the fingerprint to it in the thread that @JDRoberts linked to above, for ease of pairing.


Hi There mltchp
I have one of these little moisture devices and it seems to work when it comes into contact with water. But the temp will not report for me… Do I need to do something eles, Thnaks for any help JEFF

I added an iris purple box and am using the out of box handler but the temperature is stuck at 100 degrees. Any suggestions?

reset it and add again. you don’t need to remove it.

I realized I’m coming to this conversation late but I have a question about the Iris devices.

I understand that the second generation sensor devices will work with smartthings. Other lists have indicated the garage door device will also work.

My question is do I need to also have the “Iris smart hub” to get them to work or can I connect directly to the smartthings hub?