Need Help-Scan nearby added Edge Zooz switch

Hello. I am in ned of some help. I am in US on V3 hub.
I performed a scan nearby to add a zigbee button. A Zooz dimmer switch was added that I did not have in pairing mode using the Z-wave switch MC edge driver v2022-03-11T19:10:07:104594 by @Mariano_Colmenarejo . I cannot figure out which device this is. All my Zooz switches are using custom DTH and all are functioning. I tried force deleting from app and got the message that the device cannot be deleted since it is functioning normally, however the newly created Zooz dimmer switch is offline and non-functional.

Any help would be appreciated!

Was anyone else in the house at the time that might’ve toggled a switch while you had discovery running? I’ve been able to get older, non-plus, z-wave devices to join to an Edge driver while still also connected with a DTH. When that happens, the DTH version of the device remains fully functional, while the Edge version of the device will send commands to the device but never get updated. The Edge version of the device becomes fully functional if you delete the DTH version through the Groovy IDE. You may also be able to delete the Edge version through the Groovy IDE - I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure.

Do you have the CLI installed on a computer? If so, you can probably track down which device has been added.

  1. Run smartthings devices and pick out this new Zooz device from the list
  2. Run smartthings devices <device id> -y, replacing <device id> with the number from the device list. You should see the z-wave node ID listed under “zwave: networkId”.
  3. Find that node ID in your device list in the Groovy IDE.

That typically happens because the author of the edge driver/DTH has accidentally mistyped the fingerprint for a device, so it’s getting picked up incorrectly. Did you try asking your question in the author thread for the Edge Driver you are using?

I was finally able to delete the switch from the IDE

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