Github integration question on updating

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Newbie question - I followed the instructions for the github integration. when I got my hub recently.

today i went to update my repo - from the little I have done in git I expected to see a pull in IDE - didn’t see one, but I did see “update from repo”->"SmartThingsPublic(Master) . when doing this there are three columns - the obsolete and conflicts are clear, however there is a ton of stuff in the new. if I select an item it shows up directly in my smartApps or devices.

oddly there are no updates even though in github I can see there were changes since I forked.

so what exactly did I fork? how do I stay up to date with changes from the official SmartThings repo? I don’t mind playing with in progress stuff, I would like the “fully supported” updates from smart things to be reflected on my hub.

hope that makes sense.



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Sounds like you need to sync for your fork? The code in the IDE is what you have forked. When you fork a repo, you don’t automatically get any changes from the upstream repo. You need to sync your fork with the upstream repo if you want to see those changes in your IDE.

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thanks - to do that do i first have to make a cop on my local machine? Is this something that can be done within the ST IDE or GitHub?

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Keep in mind that if you have no intention of pushing your own changes back to GitHub, then you can (should?) link directly to the SmartThings Repo and there’s no need at all for a personal Fork.

I wish @Jim would update the documentation to reflect this. It’s much simpler for the most common (though perhaps unforseen) use case of the GitHub integration!

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Yep you could do that too if you aren’t going to make a submission back to ST.

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As of right now I’m not doing any development, that might change as time permits. I do enjoy being able to pull in apps other folks have developed as there are some outstanding contributions.

my confusion:

I thought a fork was a copy of the repo - as such if I fork today then in a month there will be changes, I would like to update my fork to have those changes. I understand that I can clone my fork locally, then updated it from the SmartThingsPublic, then push to my github fork - I would prefer to be able to do this all from github as I’m not making changes. that way my fork stays up to date :slight_smile:

that make sense?

in playing around:

in Github:
start at "my profile"
select the smartThingsPublic fork
note at: /SmartThingsPublic
click "new pull request"
there is a green check box that says able to merge
not sure what I did after this, but I ended up with what I believe is an updated fork

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I ended up with this:

username merged 21 commits into username:master from SmartThingsCommunity:master an hour ago