Need help - Aeon Gen5 Multisensor

I just purchased 4 Aeon Gen5 Multi-sensors and I can connect them fine to ST, but I never get motion. I powering all units with batteries. It only detects motion as soon as I join them to my ST hub. I never get motion alerts from this point forward!

If I check the IDE, I can see the current status is as follows:
illuminance: 63 lux
• temperature: 69.2 F
• humidity: 49 %
• battery: 100 %
• motion: inactive

As you can see the motion is “inactive”. I wake the device up but tap 3 times on the black button and this wakes it up for ten minutes, so I would fully expect motion to become : active at this point.

Also, all the other parameters are refreshing at intervals that are acceptable. But, I need motion as I have plans to trigger Halloween props with these units.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working?


I would suggest you try a different DTH such as this one found below. It’s configurable and offers some additional flexibility. You will need to log into the IDE to make the change.