Aeon multisensor gen 5

I have just recently purchased an aeon multisensor gen5 from Vesternet. ST hub connects and applies the right device handler but that’s as far as it goes. Permanent motion detected and no parameters reported on the tiles. Since the sensor is listed in “add new things”, I assume it is fully supported? I have powered it via USB and battery with no change in state. Reset it and added it again to be sure.
Before I return it as unserviceable, I am wondering if I have missed something with this device as earlier posts seem to have reported some problems but that was back in 2015.

I had the same problem. The parameter for motion needs to be changed. Unfortunately the stock dth doesn’t come up with the ability to change the parameters. So I downloaded several of the custom device handlers, found one that worked to change the parameter for motion, then was able to change it back to the stock dth. Of course you can just continue to use one of the custom device handlers as well.

Like I have persevered with ST, I did the same with the aeon multisensor gen 5. I had to modify the stock device handler and add a few config lines for parameters that were not included with the sensor supplied manual. Fortunately, if you hunt around on the community, most things can be solved given time. I will have to say that by comparison with the ST zigbee motion senor, the aeon falls woefully short, even when set to its maximum sensitivity.