Change SHM mode after delay on presence arrival?

rant I think the advent of SHM is silly as now we are just introducing yet another state for our homes to be in (mode, routine, SHM state, ekk) I just wish ST would just allow a home to be in multiple modes :frowning: rant

Back to the question, are there any SmartApps out there that manipulate SHM yet besides routines? I’d like to DISARM my SHM on arrival for about 10mins upon presence arrival then ARM (STAY).

SHM can be armed/disarmed via Routines.

And yeah, but the different things can get confusing at times, but there is a good reason for the different things. Modes are not the same as Routines which are not the same as SHM states.

Think of mode as a conditional state of being. What I mean is that depending on the mode your house is in, various things do or don’t happen. You can restrict or allow specific automations depending on what state you are in. For example, I might have a “night mode” where I want a I don’t want the app Big Talker making any voice announcements. Or I might have “vacation mode” where I want various lights to come on to fool people into thinking I’m home.

Think of a routine as a set of instructions to be run at a specific moment in time. Routines are not ‘states of being’… they run once when they are programmed to run, and then stop. For example, when I get home, turn on this light, change mode to ‘home’ and turn off this other light. Or, when 9:00 hits, turn on this light and lock the door.

Think of Smart Home Monitor as an alarm. You either disarm it, or “partially arm it” (Armed-stay) or “fully arm it” (Armed-away).

All three of these things can and should be able to be done independently of either other as they serve different purposes.

There’s only three alarm states for SHM, but I might have many modes… Sleeping Mode, Evening Mode, Home Mode, Just the kids Home Mode, Away Mode, Vacation Mode… Each of these will may use a different alarm state in SHM.

And routines again are just a set of instructions. They may be used to change modes, but they can and do serve other purposes too. I might have a routine that runs at 6:00AM that changes the mode to home, turns on the coffee maker, and turns up the thermostat. Then I might have another routine that runs at 6:30AM that turns on the lights in my kids bedroom and sounds an alarm. That routine doesn’t touch the modes at all.

So, sorry for the long post… if you want a tl; dr version – Mode, SHM, and Routine are not the same even though they are sometimes easy to confuse. There is a real and good purpose to having all three and having them independent of each other.

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Thanks @chrisb for taking the time to explain your thoughts. Admittedly I had a specific way I wanted to use SmartThings which involved using as little routines as possible which was a big mistake.

Since then I’ve converted almost everything to Routines and things have been much better. I am even able to get rid of modes all together.

The only minor annoyance I find so far is I can’t create a routing which closes/locks all of my doors AND sets the SHM to “armed” without it warning me that one of the doors is left open (as it doesn’t close fast enough I suppose). This isn’t a huge deal and admittedly I could split it into a “Close Doors” routing and a “Arm” routine but I have hopes (and a ticket open) that I can find a better solution.

I am however seeing that SHM and Routines unfortunately have no ability to be edited by us which is a bummer to fix little things like this (simply commenting out the code that notifies of the sensor being open would be a cinch if I had access).

Hmmm… sounds like what you need is a smart app that can be run by turning on a virtual switch which then checks your doors to make sure they are closed, reporting to you if any are one, and then runs a routine a given number of minutes later…

Something like… Goodnight SmartHome maybe?

Do you know if Routines run natively? I was thinking that there’s a point where I need to just make a compromise choosing to keep things within the v2 ecosystem for native app execution.

To the best of my knowledge Routines do NOT run locally.

Any idea what does? (stupid char limit)

The Smart Lighting app does if:

…it only uses official ST device types that can be accessed locally (ie, no cloud-to-cloud devices)


…only uses triggers that are local (such as based on local devices or times, not items/triggers are rely on cloud events/devices.

So, yeah, not much. There are plans to included more things, but it’ll likely be a while until that happens and the “more things” may never included custom SmartApps.

Hey @chrisb I couldn’t figure out how to get that SmartApp working without setting a voice device so I proceeded to write my own. I have two questions:

  1. I could easily trigger the momentary switch but I was going to attempt to trigger the “buttonPress” event on the MultiSense Garage Door Sensor Button. This is where I left off as line #88 didn’t seem to trigger my door opening in the simulator.
  2. You could probably be of asistance here. How can I trigger the phrase to run on line #98?

Thanks for your help, below is the code :smile:

Hey man,

Did you ever get this worked out? Sorry, it’s been one heck of a week and I’ve had very little free time to sit down and look at much of anything. Let me know if you solved it. If not I should have some time tonight to look at what’s going on.

I just got it in limp mode with pure routines. It’d still be nice to figure this out.

The Rule Machine app can now change SHM state. Perhaps you can accomplish your desired outcome using two rules (and maybe a virtual switch).