Smart Home Monitor question

I am sure this is an easy one, but how do I configure SHM for the following. Currently using the “Good Night” feature I program SHM at a specific time (11:00pm) to move to Armed Home. Then in the “Good Morning” setting say 6:00 am I have it set to disarmed.

My wife and I both have key fob presence sensors We usually both leave the house around 8:00 for work and the system then is set to arm as away which turns on SHM.

HOWEVER, If both of us are out of town, then once the systems disarms in the morning, the system remains in disarmed status, even though we have created a rule to Arm the system if were both gone. This obviously is concerning as when we’re both of town I want the system to arm as away so SHM is active. The only way I know how to fix this, is manually turning on SHM by clicking

In your good morning routine - under the “automatically perform” section where you selected the time, scroll to the bottom and look at advanced options.

You can say “don’t automatically do this if I an in one of these modes” Away. ETC. select those modes - Most use cases would be to select all modes other than “night”

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Thanks Greg. This looks like it will solve it.

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I hope you don’t mind me asking somewhat of a newbie question. But for the Cree or Sengled bulbs can those simply be paired with the hub and then be scheduled to turn off and on at certain times or for certain events like if SHM was triggered with an alert.?

For some reason I had it in my head that you would always need Smarthings outlet and the light would be plugged into that. But after reading a bit more on these bulbs I am not so sure.

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Anyway - I’m not personally familiar with Cree or Sengled bulbs. But if these are smart bulbs in general - yes assuming they are zwave or certain types of zigbee, they can be paired to the hub and used in automations for time or SHM alerts.

It isn’t a good idea to use smart bulbs on smart switches/outlets.

Personally I would suggest smart switches instead of bulbs. Bulbs will power on after any power outage. But of course if you are a renter, bulbs might be your only option. So there are pros and cons to each.

I hope that helps.

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