Need a timer to shut off alarm after X amount of time

I have 2 Z-wave sirens that I use a special handler with so I can easily set them to automatically turn off after 2min.

I recently got a Konnected board that allows me to use my wired ADT equipment which includes 2 sirens (one inside the house and one outside). I need a way to turn those 2 off,esp since one sounds outside the home. This is of course, if for some reason my phone dies and I never get the notification that my alarm went off, I don’t want the siren blaring for 6 hours until I turn my phone back on again.

Is there a simple timer app somewhere that can turn the sirens off if they are on after X amount of time?


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This is built-in to Smart Home Monitor in the “Alert with sirens” automation.

@JDRoberts thanks for the ping


Thank you, I must be blind, not sure how I missed that :frowning: