Disable for 2 mins. Newbie

Hi. New user, first post. I have ST and various door sensors and a socket. Scenario - in night mode, if door opens, switch on socket/siren, Works a treat. But I want to disable this very easily when I go to work at 5am. I want to open the door, leave house, close door/lock - no siren. But if opened again, I want siren to go off. Wife and kids safe. :). I have Alexa if that helps and can create modes, virtual switches etc, but can’t work out this scenario. Thanks.

Sorry guys haha. I had an IFTTT set up which was confusing everything. All working a treat. Should I delete this topic?

How about adding your phone as a presence sensor? That way you can use your location to set home modes.

If presence sensor (your phone) changes to away
Time is between 5am and 5:30am?
Then Set whatever scene you had before you left

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Yes. That’s how new I am. Done exactly that now. Thanks.