Alarm or switch timed off

Is there an app or a way someone could help me modify smart alarm such that when the siren is activated it will automatically shut off after 5 min. I wish there way a condition based system of writing events or apps …

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We could write a simple SmartApp that would monitor your Alarm/Siren Devices by subscribing to the strobe(), siren(), both() commands and then “runIn()” to call “off()”.

In short: It is really simple code, but you’re right, that it is the sort of steps that a Rule Builder could handy and those are coming along from 3rd parties as well as ST – but ST’s priority on this is a bit lower.

I try to encourage folks to “help themselves”, so I’m happy to show you how to write this if you are interested in learning the IDE. Private Message me if you want to Skype screen share.

The current scheduling system is a little unreliable, so this would be educational for us to debug if there are inconsistent results.

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