Nedis Zigbee

Nedis (budget brand for RF/Wifi connected devices) is doing same as Sonoff, putting some Zigbee devices in the market. There is hub, temp/hum sensor, door/window sensor and motion sensor available at the moment. Anyone got the chance to try these yet? Not officially supported but may be usable with some DH.

I bought one Nedis zigbee temp/hum sensor from Motonet and it paired with smartthings with no problems. I just changed device type to smart sense temp/humidity sensor.

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How did you add these devices to Smartthings? My SmartThings Hub cannot find them when I’m trying to pair them…

I just put them on pairing mode and scanned for the new device. I have one door/window sensor and three temp sensors. All working, no problems. :thinking:

The default is showing temp in f and not dregee c, is this because its only available in the US?

I just bought Nedis door/window sensor. ST hub found it as a thing. What device type should I select?

SmartSense Open/Close sensor. It should work locally, at least it says so in IDE. :thinking:

No, it should be in celsius. At least I my sensors show celsius. :thinking:

Can this be changed? It should be an option, am new to Smartthings as my primary platform is Animus.
But want to replace it completely when Edge is ready.
(Animus is running everything locally)
Sorry in advance if this just a search away, but it doesn’t make sense showing these values when located in EU.

I agree. It is weird when located in EU, but I unfortunately I can’t help you any further. I’m also new to all this. :blush:


su 5. syysk. 2021 klo 12.33 Moeller via SmartThings Community <> kirjoitti:

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This is so weird. My ST hub cannot find these temp/humidity sensors. I’ve tried 2 different sensors.
Are you using ST classic app or the new ST app when you add new sensors?

Is this the sensor we are talking about:

Yes, that is exactly the same sensor. I’m using this new app. I could unpair one of them tomorrow and see if I cn find them again. :thinking:

I didn’t get it work that way. It seems to need Smart life app to link with smartthings? Smart life is found on the device list of Smartthings. But it seems it also requires Nedis zigbee hub. I tried also to add Nedis WiFi outdoor plug, it was easily set up to Smart Life app without Nedis hub but Smartthings side it has not seen. When I select first smart plug then I took Samrt life as a brand the Smartthings inform Smart life is connected successful but no device has seen added?

Well, I tried today if my hub still can find this sensor and it took 10-15s to find it again. I’m using Aeotec’s new V3 hub with 0.38000010 firmware. I pressed sensor’s button as long as red light started to blink and scan near found it. :thinking:

hmm are you sure ST didn’t find it??… after ST got updated i have tried with lots of devices, when you search for them it tells you that no device was found… but if you then go back and search through your rooms i will be there as a “thing” not connected to a room…. i hope this could help you…

I have seen this happen few times too. Last time with edge driver of Phillips Hue Dimmer switch. :thinking:

That’s it! Now i can see this “thing”. I feel so stupid :man_facepalming:
Not very informative pairing process though :smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped me! @Sakari @David_Petersen1

Just change the type from IDE. From thhing to SmartSense temp/humidity sensor and it should work. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

i think it is the new version of smartthings that should feel stupid …. it is so anoying that it says nothing was found…and you then have to go look for it…. :grin::grin:

maybe you need the nedis hub…and add it through there to be able to change celcius - fahrenheit?? i’m not sure…
it seems very limited if added via smartthings :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: