Neato won't work in ST app since neato update

Since the December Neato update (v 2.8.2) my St won’t communicate with my Neato, I’ve deleted the neato app and reinstalled the app and hoover, I’ve also deleted neato connect (1.2.3) and reinstalled that and added everything, if I click clean, it says cleaning but doesn’t communicate with the hoover. Smart schedule also says it’s starting and then nothing happens. When I manually turn the hoover on from the hoover or neato app, I still get notifications on the St app saying hoover on or hoover off or hoover stuck etc. Please help diving me insane :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!

The app also recognises when the hoover is charging and docked etc, just won’t send that turn on signal!

Does the IFTTT channel still work?

My Neato D3 Connected has been running fine twice a week, from ST (using ActionTiles or a WebCoRE piston).
Just tested it and it runs fine from the ST Classic app.
The Neato app says it is using v 4.4.0-72