Neato with new ST app?

Anyone have an idea if the smart app works on the new app yet, I’m using automations but they make the botvac set off all my motion sensors and cameras which is annoying at work :rofl:

It should work with the bare basics. Still no way to have custom capabilities for devices.

is there any update on integration with the new app? im on the edge of getting a D7 but wondering how well this now works with Smartthings now that ive been pushed over to the new app, as suffering with a few basic devices not working as they should, so worried about anything more complex.

I too would like this integration with ST. I discovered Simple Connect now supports a Neato integration through the API so I know it’s possible. Alexa is limited because it won’t show as a device. In ST, I could create triggers for the device.

Hello, so my d7 works absolutely fine. Took a bit of tinkering to get it working, ended up using it as a smarts witch instead of the smart app, but it’s kind of just a set and forget thing. If I’m out of the house between 9-6 it hoovers and sets my system to armed stay and then sets it back again when it’s off. For some reason on the new app I can’t get it to turn it on and off, but it will still auto Dock etc. So it does work but you have to tinker a bit.

Hey Guys, I’ve built an off grid house powered by the sun through a weather station that detects UV/humidity/temp to which I control my house. Anyway, I need a vacuum bad, and I’m looking at a D7, but I need someone to check something for me if possible?

Docking station will be plugged into a WiFi outlet and at night when I’m on whole house battery power I need to shut down the docking station so the robot isn’t charging, etc… if I turn off the docking station at night, does this mean the robot is going to start its cleaning cycle memory over every time it’s powered back on? Basically cleaning the same area over and over every time it leaves the docking station - because I’ve shut the docking station down?

I can’t seem to find this answer anywhere.

Also how is Neato working in the new smart things app? Where did you get on your code?

Much appreciated!!!