Natural Gas sensor?

Is there any Natural Gas sensors out there to connect to ST to tell if the indoor gas kitchen range or bbq supply has been left on? it would be a very useful alarm, and maybe even incorporate an automatic shut off valve to the main supply if detected.

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+1. I want one of these too.

Same here. This would be very useful for propane BBQs and patio heaters. Ideal capabilities of such a device would include:

  • Ability to detect (and report) whether the propane tank is on or off (e.g. flow valve on the tank is open/closed)
  • Ability to detect whether the tank is nearly empty. My understanding is that this could only happen if the tank was on, and isn’t necessarily particularly reliable in any case, but if it’s possible, it’d be awesome.
  • (Bonus) emergency shutoff (as the original poster noted).

Anyone know what it might take to put something like this together?

The Zipato web site claims to have a natural gas sensor, but I’ve looked everywhere, including their one US reseller (, and haven’t been able to find one. I, too, would love to see someone make one of these, as I can’t smell but live in a house with natural gas connections.

I need one this device. You’re introduction for me. Thanks