Monitor Regular 4 burner gas stove

Hello all, I’m looking for some out of the box ideas to monitor a regular 4 burner gas stove - for both accidentily leaving the gas on burning and just on but not burning.

I purchased a regular natural gas detector for the kitchen - “smart” ones don’t really seem to exist - some chinese manufacturer made on at one time years back and seems to have vanished - but that’s about it - 2 or 3 “smart” gas knobs are quite a ways from shipping (Inirv React) or seem to have never shipped (there was another kickstart-type project a few years ago)

I was thinking about some kind of contact sensor for the regular kobs in theory at least showing them turned in some way would be at least a decent indicator of a problem - nothing I’ve seen seems like it would fit - seems rather crazy that there is nothing in the marketplace yet - unless an obvious solution exists?


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(I’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs.)

You should definitely be able to rig some kind of contact sensor as long as the stove as a whole doesn’t get too hot. People use these on turn bolts on doors and on washing machines. They look pretty clunky, and I wouldn’t bet my life on them, but as a convenience notification it might be useful.

Here are some examples:

The aeotec triangular door sensor would be worth looking at as it is smaller and flatter than the box sensors.

As far as monitoring the room, there are a number of VOC monitors now with IFTTT channels, so you could get indirect integration with SmartThings that way. Foobot, Netatmo, oneHug and Awair all have IFTTT channel/services. There’s a beta direct integration with Netatmo, but check the forums – – people have reported a lot of problems with it.

Again, I wouldn’t bet my life on them, but as a secondary notification they could be useful.

Very, very good question… One, I’ve got two young kids running around so safety is important and Two, I’m a forgetful husband who has previously left the burner on. Interested to see what people’s ideas are for this.

BTW, if you need this because you have a family member with cognitive challenges who is in real danger of leaving the stove on or turning a gas stove on just enough to release gas but not ignite, there are some products on the market that are gas stove timers and will turn the gas off after a period of inactivity, typically five minutes.

These work, and some of them even have email notifications which you could then use with IFTTT, but they’re very expensive, typically $500-$900.

People with these kinds of safety challenges do buy them and are grateful for the product, but I think they cost too much for typical home automation use.

I should also add I do have a friend with a child on the autism spectrum who rigged up something to monitor whether the LED indicator light on the gas stove was on, but I don’t know any of the details.

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So I have the same issue but with 2 young daughters. To solve the problem I have purchased a 3/4" 110v electric gas valve and a smart plug. I have wired the gas valve to a electric plug and plugged it in the the smart plug. Now I can tell alexia to turn on and off the gas as well as well as have smartthings integrations. Works great. Every time I leave home I know my gas is off.

I’m sure I could find one, but any link to the specific one valve you used?


Hey Guys. It happened to me when I left one of the gas burners lit and went for a game. Luckily my daughter was at home and we caught it early. And it made me think all night and came up with this simple solution, I have put it on one burner but will expand soon.

I used a Xiaomi door sensor to find it the knob is at off position and as it rotates put the magnet off limit and opens the sensor. I am monitoring that with a smartthings security custom application.

The main sensor is just at the bottom of the knob and I used a round earth magnet and pasted it inside the knob See two photos below
This is how it looks.

This is how the knob looks like