Do you have smartthings methane gas detector

do you have smartthings methane gas detector ?

nope but I am currently working on a homebrew one with a Particle Photon Integrated With SmartThings

There’s nothing that’s officially compatible, but a number of community members are using the following successfully:

thanks a lot sir,
but this link does not show any item.

and why Smart things did not launch its own gas detector ?

please refer me correct link.
this does not show any item .

See the last post in that thread. The author of the device handler there mentions that the device has been upgraded to the new model, and he gives the current link to that product.

I don’t know anymore about it, but if you ask follow-on questions in that thread people there should be able to help you.

Any updates to this? Is there a compatible methane (natural gas, LP, etc) sensor that works with SmartThings?

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