Nanoleaf Shapes no color control

Hi Everyone:
I have connected Nanoleaf shapes to my account via account integration method - and can’t get the color control to work. I remember at one point it was working.

Anyone have any luck with their system?

And any pointers to Nanoleaf edge drivers?

You can test the one on this channel out. See if it works for you.

The creator of this driver is here :).
The driver has not been tested for Shapes (I have a couple of Auroras).
Although it functions stably for me, establishing the initial connection can be challenging. It is necessary to understand the proper sequence for clicking the buttons.

Thanks for the edge driver. I added it but seems I don’t have the “sequence” of adding it right. Could you share the sequence you used?

As far as I remember you need to hold the button for 5-7 secs before searching the devices in the app.

If it’s not working try to get the token via Postman