Mystery Devices broadcasting data

I have noticed 2 devices in my logs that are chatting but not joined as devices. I added them to my hub and gave them a generic Xiaomi DTH to try and identuify them. I know MAC addresses will give you a manufacturer ID so you can at least have an educated guess as to the device in question; do device broadcast strings give you any clue as to what might be the type/manu of the device?
It’s obvious I have 2 devices with batteries left in somewhere :wink:
One of them reports a varying inside temp so I know it’s in the house at least, Ha, big help :slight_smile:

test Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor Home V2 Home V2 Hub 00000D6F00042B84D1 E42B ONLINE Cloud 9 minutes ago
test2 Xiaomi Motion Sensor Home V2 Home V2 Hub 0000158D0001137A8E ED69 ONLINE Cloud 3 minutes ago