Mysterious Lamp that just turns on

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for some advice on troubleshooting a Quirky Outlink Outlet that is randomly turning on throughout the day/night. I’ve had a few of these for a year now, but this problem just started happening maybe a month ago to a single device?

There is nothing in the events that show give me any outlook into what is happening. The lamp turned on in the middle of the night last night, but the last event that took place was 2 days ago (which is accurate). Although I had only a couple of smartapps that were assigned to the device, I thought that maybe something was going on with them that was causing the problem…So I removed them from the device. That didn’t resolve anything. Next, I deleted the device all together then re-added it. That seemed to work for 2 days, but it came back.

There is nothing in the hub events or the device events, so I am at a lost at what is going on. During this time, I have not had any power outages to the house either.

Anyway, any suggestions?


I don’t know about the outlet but I have the same issue with a light bulb.

If there is a short power outage, some devices automatically turn on when the power comes back.

This is a zigbee device, and the recent zigbee firmware update has been causing mysterious events on a number of zigbee devices. See the following thread:

I’m going to add a digital clock on a different outlet tonight, on the same circuit. If there is a short power outage, then it will be flashing afterwards.


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I was thinking that this started happening around the hub update, but wasn’t sure. I checked the device, but there are no firmware update options available for it…and think there never will be since the device has been discontinued. I emailed the quirky support to see if they have a firmware update for them, so we’ll see what they say. If they do…I am guessing I would need a wink hub to get them to update though…so am probably out of luck there too.

I have other issues where these devices just stop working and require a flip if the breaker to get going again. This seems to be happening to a lot of other people that have these outlets too…for this, I’ve tried all the suggested changes but nothing has worked.

Long story short, I may just have to scrap these things.

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It is quirky.

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