MyStatus as a location

This is not partuculary new as i have had this odd location for a while but do any you guys have any guesses why i have a mystery second location called MyStatus ?? shows if i log into St or St classic as a location. its defo not something i ever added

Did you have the ST hub v.1 and than upgraded to the v.2 hub? If so, than when you deleted the old hub, you may have a ghost location. ST support can delete it if you give them a call.

Thanks for thr reply Imosenko, i use the Uk hub which is v.2 i think, never had the v.1
I wasent going too but in the end i thought whats the worse that can happen so i deleted the MyStatus location… the world continues to spin and the location vanished from the Smartthings IDE as well

Still waiting to be migrated across so i can put this dabacle behind me

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Don’t rush to use the Connect app. Continue using the Classic app with your credentials even after getting migrated.

I quite like the new app tbh, i go between the two and anyways who can resist a new toy to play with :grin: