Need some help integrating baseboard heaters

Hello all,

Please help me. My wife and I purchased a small cottage that has a gas fireplace with baseboard heaters for supplemental heat on cold winter days. The baseboard heaters each have an on/off switch and are not controlled with any thermostats. Because I am not living there every day I have a need to a) be notified if the cottage is not being sufficiently heated, and 2) operate the baseboard heaters only part time when temperature requires so to save on money. Electricity is expensive. I currently don’t have any smart automation devices except I just purchased a nest smoke and carbon monoxide detector I plan on using there.

Can I make use of the existing baseboard heaters and make them smart? Specifically the baseboard heaters I have near plumbing such as the kitchen and washroom. Also can I monitor the temperatures in the various rooms and be alerted when there is a problem temperature. Or perhaps I need to buy different baseboard heaters that have the smart feature built in?

Thanks if anyone can offer me some good advice.

Welcome! :sunglasses:

First we need to know what Country the cottage is in, as the device selection does vary somewhat.

Next it would help to know the exact brand and model of the heaters, or, failing that, at least a picture of the control mechanism.

After that, we can start considering what options you might have.

Following. I have some old baseboard heaters and discovered today they’ve been on all summer. Ack.