MyQ Lite tilt sensor

First post and new to ST and integrations. So bear with me please…

Making good progress on setting up all the handlers and app for MyQ lite (I think) as well as added the tilt sensor to ST. However I cannot figure out how to get the tilt sensor to be associated with the MyQ Lite app.

If I go to Automations And click on the MyQ Lite app it shows garage door opener, garage door closer and garage door (no sensor). If I click on Tap to modify my devices I see
Garage door contact sensor (no device found). I don’t see anywhere to select the tilt sensor that shows as a device in ST

Any suggestions appreciated.

Do you remember which device handler you installed in IDE for MyQ? If you had previously installed and set it up with the no sensor device handler, you would need to install the sensor device handler for MyQ.

the myq-garage-door-opener.src device handler is available on Github

You can check out the MyQ thread if needed and ask questions there as the developer will see your questions and likely respond quicker. :slight_smile:

MyQ thead

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Thanks for the fast reply. The sensor was added after device handlers installed so I took your suggestion and deleted the device handler: MyQ Garage Door Opener and then added it back in.

in the MyQ Lite app I still find no place to locate the sensor.

I’m not sure if there’s a conflict as ’ have the other device handler for non-sensor also. I tried deleting that and it said it’s in use and would not delete. I’m also thinking this is allowing me to open/close the garage door with ST so i’d like to keep it if possible.

I’ll try to post on the MyQ thread as suggested.

Thank you.

what brand/model did you purchase for the tilt sensor?

You should see the following screen with the Contact Sensor field where you can click on that field to open and select your device.

I am thinking you may want to go back to the main screen of the MyQ app, go to the bottom and choose uninstall. Then create a fresh install… choose the garage door again and see if the sensor field then shows.

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Thanks for the tip. Uninstalled and added again. No option to choose sensor still. Weird.

Yep, you will need the developer to step in and offer assistance. He will probably ask you for logs at some point.

OK slight pogress. The tilt sensor was the one suggested on the RBoy Apps page (developer).

Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor, White (TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO)

Definitely a pain to adopt into ST once added I had to edit the name etc.

I went into the device list in IDE and selected GARAGE DOOR and edited and changed the type from the non sensor device manager to “MyQ Garage Door Opener” which is the sensor version.

Now i have 2 MyQ Lite apps in automations which I can clean up later as needed. I ran the new one and it allowed me to choose “Garage Door” as contact sensor. There were no other options for the tilt sensor.

I’ll test this later today

thank you for your assistance.

I think this is resolved now. I ran an automation to close at 9PM if it sensed the door was open and it worked.