MyQ Garage Door Status stuck in 'Opening'

I have had MyQ setup and work well for a while now. I use the MyQ garage door with sensor device handler and have a Z-wave Plus Gold Plated Reliability Garage Door Tilt Sensor, White (TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO) mounted to the door and included in the garage door group.

The tilt sensor accurately identify the state of the door. But the Door Opener doesn’t seem to be picking up changes to it any longer and has the door state stuck in a state of ‘opening’. Any ideas how to restore it to working order?


If you are using the MyQ lite app, you may want to post your question in that thread. That way the developer will see it quicker and reply to your question.

Also, read the last few posts in that thread :grinning:

Thanks!! New to the forum and not used to how it’s organized. Appreciate the pointer.

Did you ever figure this out? Mine is doing this now? Have no clue what’s going. While it’s it opening status I can still open/close garage door, but the status stays as “Opening”.

Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mine is doing the same. Any fix yet?

same problem here

I’m guessing it got too cold? Thanks for zero responses product team.

You can try opening the MyQ lite smartapp and clicking on the device and go through the setup and finish by saving. That may or may not resolve the issue. Also, better to post in the MyQ lite thread and the developer may see your post quicker and offer assistance.

Connecting device again through “device management” resolved the issue. Thanks team.