Chamberlain MyQ with tilt sensor

I currently have a GoControl garage door controller installed in my garage. I remember what a PITA it was to install and I’ll be moving to a new home in the next couple weeks. I’ve been considering a MyQ door opener on my dual garage doors. I know the MyQ doesn’t integrate with ST and have read installing a tilt sensor will allow me to integrate, which would allow me to do what I currently have setup, which is turn on certain lights in the house when the garage opens.
Is this a good solid option for controlling the garage door and integrating with ST at the same time? Or should I bite the bullet and get another GoControl and just install one on each door?
Thanks in advance for the input.

You can integrate MyQ with ST

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Curious about how the GoControl was a PITA. Not doubting you, but I have a couple of them and they installed very quickly.

I had an extremely difficult time getting ST to find the device. One day I spent nearly 3 hrs doing it over and over again and finally stopped and walked away. The next day after about 3 more attempts it finally found the device. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

I had a problem pairing my old Iris garage door opener and switched to the MyQ with the tilt sensor as you describe. It works great. I even have Amazon Alexa tell me when the garage door is opening.

So sounds as though is definitely a feasible solution. I installed a MyQ on my Mom’s garage and it was so darn easy. That’s what is making me consider the My Q. Plus the new house has 3 car garage with 2 doors and I believe it will be easier to install the additional sensor on the 2nd door and then just add 2 tilt sensors.
Glad to see it worked for you. Thanks for the input

I think I did have to upload a custom automation for it…

Did you have to use IFTTT to get the Alexa notification when the garage was opening?

No, since I am only using a smartthings sensor, it is accessible directly from Alexa using the SmartThings skill. Then it needs to scan all of your SmartThings devices. Once that is done you add a new Routine in Alexa, tell it to use your Garage door sensor and the action as “SAY”…whatever you want it to say. You can then assign it to come out at only specific Echo devices.

I am not linking to the MyQ at all. I have a separate SmartThings sensor. Its much easier to do this way.

I gotcha. So Alexa is actually notifying you when the smartthings sensor opens, which is attached at the garage door. Perfect. Thanks for the details.