Routine quirks, everything but garage door works

Ok, I believe general is the best place to put this…

I have my garage door set up with the MyQ Lite smartapp. This works great when I run it manually. For some reason, I can’t get it to trigger with the “I’m Back” routine.

It appears to work 90% of the time when I set it up in its own separate routine, but for some reason the “open garage door” option doesn’t seem to be very reliable with routines in general… especially if the routine has various functions to perform.

Anyone else seen this type of issue?

Instead of encasing it in its own routine, you might try just using triggers in the switch itself. Mine is set to open the garage door when either one of our phones comes home, independent of the I’m back routine. It seems to work fairly well (presence issues notwithstanding).

What do you mean by “using triggers in the switch itself”?

As far as I know, SmartThings doesn’t support triggers against devices directly… the only way to do it is through a routine or a smartapp…

Are you talking about using something like CoRe?

If you click on the gear under the doors and locks section, and select your Garage Door (or whatever you have it named), you can select “Open it when people arrive” & “Close it when people leave”. Using these functions is native to ST, and isn’t dependent on a routine to run.

I assume this is on the V1 app? I don’t believe that option exists on V2.