Mydlink™ Home Door/Window Sensor DCH-Z110

Since I dont know about coding I’ll ask here, I got this one to work pretty well for all intents and purposes, but I’d really like an integration with the tamper sensor. Meaning if someone tampers or tries to open it a push notification goes out. Would this be possible and if I was to fiddle with the code to get it working I’m not sure where I’d start. :slight_smile:

Hi @Rnd, the tamper event is handled and visible in Recently list.

However, unless you find an existing smart app what handles this event the notification would have to be hardcoded because ST still doesn’t support it.
Search for tamper in device handler code to find where to add.

@Jbtibor yeah I saw it in the code, just got my smartthings hub from uk and been prodding and fiddling abit with it (my boss even bought me the door/window sensor from dlink to test with). So will look into it, the reason for the tamper sensor question was probably due to me not seeing any events in live log nor event log on the device.

Would really like to know if someone tampers with it after its installed since otherwise they can just remove the battery and i wouldnt be the wiser, will also look into some smartapps for polling.

You are not the only one with this issue:

I checked and I get the event from my sensor.
I assume you know where to look at live logs:

Hi Tibor

I’ve bought one of these devices to get contact and lux details off.

I’m only seeing the lux update after the contact is opened.
I can see one auto update but this is 6 hours after I last open the contact.
Given I have updates for temp very regularly I’m wondering if/why it’s missing reporting the lux at the same time.

I have the same behaviour. The sensor doesn’t send the luminosity value when it changes. May be a bug in the firmware, may be how is programmed.

Hi Timor,

I’ve found out why the temp updates are delayed.
I’ve found its a configuration that needs setting.
I have a document that sets out the config options that need to be set.
I’m looking at learning how to program the DH or if you can maybe review the information I have…

Hello i have a Z110. I was able to set push notification for Tamper.
But after a reset of Hub G020 i do not see the possibility to set notification push for T.
any help?

Sorry I can’t help, I don’t have a D-Link hub. This integration is for SmartThings.

Hi everyone

All of my dlink door sensors suddenly stopped working after the last firmware upgrade at the end of march.
Did anyone else experience any problems?

I think I had the same issue and is fixed. Update from here:

Indeed, the update worked. Great stuff, Thanks!!

Hi Tibor

Are you still using these sensors? Are they working with the new app for you?

Hi, do you mean the new SmartThings app? Yes the sensors are still working, I didn’t have to modify anything. I switched to the new Alexa skill too and working there as well.


cuz mine stopped working, or rather: They still work, but instead of open/close it now detects “tampered with” when the door is opened…

That’s odd, tamper should only be triggered when the small switch at back is opened. Did you try deleting the device and registering again?

No, not yet. But this will be the next step :slight_smile: