My transition experience

Although I see “Scenes”, nothing shows up when I click on it… (Edit, I see the steps listed when you click on Scenes in the Control Panel)

I really hate going over to the webCoRE forum with all them darn adds everywhere. Yuk!

What ads? Ahhh how nice to have an ad blocker in my browser

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Oh - I am holding Samsung to it’s promises by leaving as soon as I find a suitable replacement.

Samsung bought SmartThings and then started slowly destroying everything good about it. Now they are pushing out the one thing that made it great - the free work of a lot of people that are smarter than the engineers at SmartThings.

Samsung is a victim of the same thing that affects a lot of big brainless corporations - the “almighty dollar” and the belief that “freedom” equals less of those dollars going into their accounts. They think all these independent developers are hurting their bottom line by making it more difficult for the average consumer to get their head around SmartThings because we’ve had the freedom to code for for the platform - and Samsung is here to help - by killing off all the “dirty code” that they feel is hurting their brand and dumb things down to help the poor hapless consumer that just wants everything to magically work - meanwhile, the people who are really investing in the SmartThings platform are going to leave in droves because we are losing the IDE and don’t want a dumbed down platform, nor do we want everything that Samsung makes shoved down or throats on top of it. It’s Samsung’s business to lose for sure.

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