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My Somfy-SmartThings Integration


(Khaled Qari) #202

Does anybody know if this works instead?

(Khaled Qari) #203

I just got my zirtsi

Do I still need to the DTH or is it direct connectivity

If I still need to add the codes, the second code is not working, is there an update to it or something ?

will it show me the current status of my blind, shutter if I used the remote? is there a stop button?

sorry for blabbing i’m just excited

(Khaled Qari) #204

@Mbhforum :smiley:

(Sergio T) #205

Hey guys, does anbody know if you can now the current state of the blind or awning ( if its 50%, open or closed) with tahoma box or anythings else?

I mean, it seems you dont know the current state of the blind with the zrtsi bridge but maybe there is another option?

I live in europe and somfy dosent sell here the zrtsi bridge, also even if i buy it there it probably wont work because of z-wave frequency. they sell a usb key dongle thats its meant to connect to tahoma box, anyone tried that?


@Sergio_T, they might have discussed this here: TaHoma® by Somfy

(Neal ( / #207

I don’t think so because the Somfy RTS motors don’t really send/reply to any commands. It only receives so it would be down to the device sending the command to keep track of the last position; which can be wrong if the blinds or shades were controlled manually.


It is possible for IO blinds, not for RTS.
The TaHoma® by Somfy integration I made for TaHoma handles position for IO blinds. It is a cloud to cloud integration, doesn’t require additional hardware.

(DAN) #209

Hello, i recently installed somfy zwave shades.

  1. in smartthings, there is a round green battery icon. Does this accurately measure battery life remaining?

  2. how do i get the shades to show up in my google home app so i can control them by voice? I have it working now but through a complex work around (had to set up a virtual switch in smartthings that is mirrored to shades. The shades don’t show up in google home but the virtual switch and my other zwave switches do). The work around is fine but using this method i can’t use google home to set them to a percentage open/closed - only all the way open or all the way closed.

(Neal ( / #210

Are you talking about the z-wave integrated motors? If so I would move the discussion here, this thread is more for the Somfy RTS motors and their bridge:

Also to get them to show up in Google Home you need to go into the IDE to switch the device type to a dimmer switch.

(DAN) #211

Ok, thanks for the tips!!

(Eric) #212

Anyone been successful using homebridge to control the Somfy / Graber blinds? I installed homebridge on a Raspberry Pi and I used a Smartthings device handler to load everything that was in Smartthings … it treats them all like a dimmer, which is fine, but I can only seem to get the blinds to go up, not down. Curious if others have had any luck and which handler you are using in both ST and homebridge.

(Neal ( / #213

Hey Eric, for the z-wave shades it’s better to ask on this thread, also which DH are you using?

(Khaled Qari) #214

I created both device handlers for zrtsii and shades but i really don’t understand the next step?

Just put the Zrtsii into including mode and look for devices in ST app?
Because it always fails

Does it need to be very close to the hub?
Please help