My Somfy-SmartThings Integration



having same issue where I have the device handlers setup, base node and virtual nodes added, but no movement on shades, was there a step after the inclusion of Vnodes that you had to follow to get it working?

(Eric) #183

I suggest you contact Somfy support. In my experience they were very helpful in getting things setup.


While leveraging your somfy-shades DH, I see errors in the outputs and inconsistency in actions and acknowldegement. More specifically, I have a routine that simply opens 3 shades. when this command is submitted, here is the output I see while logging on just one of the shades. I see these examples acrossed all of them:

I am using the somfy ZRSTI II with 3 day rolling shades. I did not have any issues with this setup against my homeseer controller, but having serious inconsistency and errors as noted in attached. Additionally, the close tile does not work but rather the preset/stop allows me to close the blinds. Please help.

I am running the exact DH from imnotbob repository.


I loaded this smart app but when you set switch to manage, do you have to setup an entry for each shade that is defined as that is the current behavior. Please advise. I have 31 Shades connected to 2 ZRTSi II nodes. Your help is greatly appreciated

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There is a setting in the dth to set shades or blinds as far as what commands to use.

If you want to control multiple shades with a single channel, that is setup with Somfy, then smartthings device can be all shades (vs a single device for each shade). This gets into what channels are programmed on your Somfy controller / remotes and in the shades.

The Somfy zwave controller does not report status (see comments in the dth near the top)


I agree and completely understand. I am very familiar with the setup as I had it fully functional against my homeseer controller. My concern is the lack of proper function. iE, when I set a routine, I have to use light switch and set to on in order for the integration in smart things to work. For close, I can use Shade and select close as the option.

When I manually try and use your default setup when they are Shades (your default), close tile does not work, preset/stop close the Shade and open is functional. I am trying to understand this improper behavior. Secondly, looking at your DH, why are there references of open with action to close and vice versa.

Again, thanks for your hard work and support. I am just trying to get this functional so some high profile work my company is doing in this space with ST and service providers.


I forgot to do the rts progrmming step. We’re up and running now!

(Eric) #189 Is the current link

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does this work only for blinds or also for the roller shutters ?

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I would think so, but you may want to call Somfy support and have them ensure your system is compatible with their zwave controller.

I have found Somfy support very helpful in my interactions.

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The thing is, there is no support here in Saudi Arabia

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I’m having an issue adding your repo to the smart things website. For whatever reason it’s not pulling in information. Any ideas? Sorry if this is a stupid question in advance :slight_smile:


I don’t think that github repo has the required layout to make it consumable in SmartThings. You basically have to copy and paste the groovy code manually.

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Is that device handler working for you? I have tried every version through this thread and neither works for me.

I have four Somfy Z-Wave Sheer Shades I purchased at Lowes earlier this year. I’ve been able to use the regular dimmer and a Z-Wave Window Shade handler I found through other threads but neither one of those takes in consideration the difference for the sheer shades. This thread started a few years ago asking about the sheer shades and through time it completely deviated without a working solution. I need a device handler that shows when shade is at 0% it’s actually open, between 3% and 5% is when they are actually closed then anything higher than 5% it can be consider lifted.

The handler here seems to be close to the right implementation but when I set it up for my shades it only moves them between 0% and 4%. I hit the open button the tile shows open 100% but the shades don’t even move.

(Mikhinn) #196

Thanks for providing the current link. Can you give me some additional direction please?
I have already Published (for me) the device handler. I tried adding the device with my phone on the SmartThings app but the scan does not find my Somfy interface device


Hector, maybe your shades are just reversed. That’s what happened to me with an earlier version of the DTH. When I hit Open they closed and when I hit Close, they opened. Also, keep in mind that there is no two-way communication with the controller interface. SmartThings will never be able to accurately display status unless you never use the Somfy remote control and only use SmartThings to control the blinds.


@mikhinn, are you following the z-wave include instructions for the interface when you Add Thing to SmartThings? Section 1 of the manual here:

(Hector) #199

Actually mine do. No matter if I use the remote or control them through Smartthings the current state is always present. My sheer shades came with the z-wave module integrated so when I used one of the other DTH like Z-Wave Window Sheer Shade it knows the exact “height”. The issue is that a 0 for sheer shades is actually open. The lowest point they open, to close them they need to be at 3 to 5% “open” and everything higher than that sunlight starts coming in. That’s why I’m looking for a DTH that the states can be custom to set close as “open”, 3 to 5 % open as “closed” and anything higher as “lifted”.


@hector.caro, OK, I’m sorry. I thought you have the ZRTSI interface. My recommendation is that you modify the DTH that gives you the closest functionality in its current form.

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That’s what I thought, there is no two way communication with the RTS system…