Unable to control color temperature of OSRAM Lightify


I’m testing OSRAM Lightify tunable white and RGBW.
Until last week they were working Ok, yesterday when I opened the app I realized I can’t control the color temperature anymore. It stays 2703K.

Also, not sure how it is related but for the tunable white you can see the dimmer slider is off position:

For the tunable white I tried switching the device type between “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” (which was the one assigned to the bulb) and “OSRAM Lightify LED Tunable White 60W” and even though the UI changed, the behavior was the same.

Please create a support ticket so ST is aware of this issue, you are not alone but we all need to raise the issue so they fix it ASAP.

I submitted a support ticket. thanks.

i just noticed I have the same problem. Has anyone found a fix for this problem?

I emailed support and according to their response they were aware of the problem.
They said they would email me to let me know when the problem was fixed.
After that I already got 2 firmware updates and at least 2 iOS app updates (that I can remember off) and the problem is still there. Not sure why they are not prioritizing such huge issue.
I suggest you try to email support and see what they have to say.

looks like the issue is fixed on my end :slight_smile: