My HVAC systems keep changing back to a different temperature

I use the smart things app to control my 2 a/c units in a 2nd home. I set the heat level and every day it changes to another (much higher) temperature setting. Very frustrating. I don’t have any routines set up, just have it set to heat, auto, and the temp I want. Help please?

What thermostat do you have? Have you looked in the device history to see when it is changing? Does your thermostat have its own scheduling capability?

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It’s a Honeywell, not sure of the model. It is not set for any programs but has the capability

I had the exact same problem with my Honeywell T6 PRO. It ended up being a schedule. Go to the menu and disable all schedules.

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I was wrong. Even routines aren’t staying. It reverts to the previous value. Nothing can change the heating setpoint other than the thermo itself, resideo app or Google Home. Certainly something wrong with the edge driver.


I too have this issue. No programs, only some ST routines. Both thermos do it (T5 Pros). Only an issue with heating setpoint.

Here is what I found:

  • Controlling it through the resideo app works fine. Setpoints stay.
  • Routines that set the heating setpoint also stick
  • Manually adjusting the heating setpoint via the device UI in smartthings or via Commands sent via Samsung account (thermostatHeatingSetpoint) is reflected in the events log (verified via logs in Samsung account), however a “refresh” of the device (either via the ST device handler or command from Samsung account) resets the heating setpoint to the previous value.

Something is off…