Honeywell thermostat issues today

Is anybody able to change the settings on their Honeywell RTH 6580 thermostat today? I cannot do it from Smartthings or the Honeywell app. Just happened within the last 24 hours. Anybody else experiencing these issues?

I did notice that one of my thermostats didn’t change the heat setpoints I previously adjusted through ActionTiles panel. I haven’t investigated any further yet but there could be something going on.

Been having various issues with the Honeywell app for over a week. Sometimes works as usual, other times is barely responsive, other times will not accept inputs via app when hitting submit. Frustrating at best.

Still unable to set an action within SmartThings to resume schedule.

Still unable to have Alexa control Honeywell via anything than a worked around automation routine.

Somethings not right; the Honeywell Android app and web interface are showing that my 6580 is currently calling for heat but it’s not. However I was (as of moments ago) able to interact with the 6580 and a 9580 and set temperature settings as usual.

When I try to set my thermostat to a specific temperature via Alexa, I get the following response after saying “Alexa, set downstairs to 72 degrees” Alexa responds, “Sorry, AUTO is keeping the temperature between 72 and 76.” Anybody know how to fix this issue. I like the AUTO function, but it seems it wont allow me to set specific temps.