My hub is no longer working

Early this morning I noticed I was unbale to control devices from my smartthings hub. I have a main hub and 3 sub hubs. All four hubs are zwave/ zigbee and wifi hubs. The Wifi is working fine, but the zwave/zigbee control function seems to have stopped.

Have you logged into ide to see what it says in regards to z-wave and zigbee operation?

If ide means the smartthings app, then the answer is yes. The hub in question have been inactive since 0200 this morning.

The IDE is the web interface at

Got to My Hubs. It will have a lot of information about what it thinks is going on.

Also what are the indicator lights on the hubs doing the colors and flash patterns will tell youbwhat the hub status is.

Yes this is what i logged into to see the hubs status. I have three hubs(locations) two of them work fine, but the third is not working at all. Each of the locations also have sub-hubs via the plume system. The two working (location)hubs indicate as status of active, the non-working(location) hub is in the inactive status. Both the zigbee and zwave indicate it they are functional for this non-working main hub. The wifi is connected via the plume system. Plume shows all of the hubs at this location are connected and working. This is the main hub at this location, but there are three sub-hubs.

On the non working one. What are the lights doing

All lights are solid green

Have you rebooted from IDE or turned off the physical Hub for about 5 minutes?

I unplugged the hub for 30 minutes. When it came back on, it still didn’t work. I cannot control lights, plugs, thermostats and the like. I get an error message indication the server or network is unavailable. All lights have returned to solid green. The hub seems to have locked up on 01-30-2021 at 0200est with is consistent with the System error reported yesterday.
Below is the notice
Jan 30, 2021

SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance

Resolved - The previous issues with device and hub state, controlling devices, and automations are now resolved. Please contact us via if you have any questions.
Jan 30, 07:47 UTC

Update - Some users in the Americas may be seeing issues with device control and failures in automations. During this time, device state may not update correctly and hub states may also show offline. We are investigating and will provide updates as available.
Jan 30, 07:15 UTC

Investigating - Something is not quite right. We’re looking into it and will provide additional details as they become available.
Jan 30, 07:08 UTC

I did email smartthings but they are slow to resolve.

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I have the same problem (not same setup though): Hub V3 is online and operational, but cloud-operated devices can’t be controlled. This problem occurred around 2.35pm UTC for me. Also contacted Smartthings Support but no response yet. Seems the problems from yesterday (Jan 30) persists…?