My hub has been sent from the future to destory humanity

I just happened to look at my hub details in the iOS app today and noticed my hub has been online since the year 49310. I should have been suspicious when the hub asked me if I knew John Connor…


Hahah mine says 49329 !


More like it’s telling you HA is still in the same state in the future. :grinning:


So has mine.
5th of November 2017.


That confirms SmartThing’s will never become discontinued (at least until 49310)

I’m hoping they’ve released a new firmware before then!

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Mine says 8/6/49329.

In other news, the IDE bug is still there where the hub “uptime” doesn’t update unless the hub disconnects and reconnects.

I guess time and date tracking are really difficult. [/sarcasm]

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The year is 49310.

SmartThings customers are still waiting for official integrations with Hue and Sonos.


We’re still waiting for the V1-V2 migration tool,
We’re still waiting for them to bring back the #$%^@! tiled things page too.
Vaporware anyone?

Anyone else still waiting for the ability to duplicate your Betamax tapes? I’d love to convert a few to laser disc…

What exactly is this hub going to do to humanity? Is it going to rewrite history, or tell a different story?

It’s going to keep us so busy performing fiddly maintenance and hunting poltergeists that we won’t notice the inevitable Rise of the Machines.

It’s fiendishly clever, really. If the system were stable and reliable and everything worked exactly as we programmed it to, we would notice when it started demonstrating self-awareness and began following its own priorities. But this way, we are being trained to expect the unexpected, and to discount any failure to respond as “just another glitch.” The pattern of an increasing, and increasingly malevolent, intelligence is fully obscured in the noise of random failures. :ghost::ghost::ghost::robot::ghost::ghost::ghost::confounded:


Lmao! You are too much JD.

I was just expecting to get the definition of what “destory” means exactly and you gave me something so much better, hehe.

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