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I’ll skip explaining how much of a waste of money and time this Smartthings nonsense has become in my house. While I finally got most hues working with a few of my daily Hello, Home actions I enjoy, those have also gone downhill after the Hub update yesterday. And don’t even bother with the Sonos integration, waste of time. Based on all the other threads I’ve read on this forum, none of what I’m saying should be a surprise to anyone. They could at least make the app a little more friendly for those that have the interest in regularly removing and re-adding devices. I always wanted to like this hardware and had high hopes but that has and is continuing to dwindle.

Thats odd firmware version 000.013.00013 has been out for weeks. To my knowledge it is the latest version. If your logs confirm that you just got it yesterday and you’ve noticed that you starting to have issues after that you might want to open a support case by emailing I’m not sure whats going on in your environment that you have a need to regularly remove and readd devices, i have a feeling the app is not friendly for this task cause its not something you should have to do regularly.

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[quote=“sidjohn1, post:2, topic:17840”]
firmware version 000.013.00013 has been out for weeks[/quote]

Did I miss this announcement/changelog?

My Hues also stopped updating status about a week ago. And my hub went offline for 20 minutes around the same time. I don’t know if that was a coincidence or not.

Is there a way to not accept hub updates until you want them?


[quote=“JDRoberts, post:4, topic:17840”]
Is there a way to not accept hub updates until you want them?[/quote]

In my case the app asks me with a ‘no thanks’ button.

My hub will just go offline in the middle of the night, then come back on sometime later, typically 20 to 40 minutes. It’s not a general power failure. I assumed these were push updates, maybe not?

@JDRoberts What version did you hub get updated to? I’m showing 000.013.00013 live as far back as Jan 21, 2015. Is that what you got updated to?
Are you sure you didn’t get a Hue bridge update. I’m showing some serious changes in the 1.7 hue firmware update that he smartapp may not work well with. I don’t have any hues, so i can’t confirm.
@scottinpollock I should of said months it’s been out for a while

I don’t know if there actually was a hub update, I just know it went offline around 3 in the morning and then came back. I didn’t check anything, just happened to notice the error message. I’m on the 00013 firmware now, but I don’t know how long. I worked with support on multiple issues last week, so I assume they’d have noticed if it wasn’t up to date.

My hues work fine as long as I initiate stuff within the ST cloud. But now if I turn them on or off from Echo, IFTTT, or even the Native Hue app itself ST never updates the status and smartapps like The Big Switch never trigger even though they used to work fine.

So a Hue bridge update being involved would make sense, it’s just that nothing else using Hue integration failed, including Echo and iBeacon+.

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I had a peak at the Hue smartapp, and realized i need to change my tune… The Hue smartapp updates the Hue bulb devices from a scheduled task. I know support is tracking in issue lovingly called Sudden Scheduler Death Syndrome (SSDS) and i have a strong feeling the two are related. Basically SSDS would effect any non-zwave/zigbee devices working from working well with smartthings. If you want to verify SSDS is your issue reinitialize your Hue connect / Sonos Connect app and monitor the schedules tasks from My Locations > Installed SmartApps > (your smartapp). If you see steady polls then all of a sudden it stops… Thats SSDS. If that is the case… the only thing i can tell you is to harass support till its fixed.

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[quote=“sidjohn1, post:7, topic:17840”]
I’m showing some serious changes in the 1.7 hue firmware update that he smartapp may not work well with[/quote]

Hmmm… I don’t recall seeing anything in the 1.7 API that had been changed or deprecated (just additions). So it’s hard to conclude this broke anything.

My Hue Bridge device in ST shows as “inactive” for days. So I’m guessing that @sidjohn1 's second thought, that the polling schedule in Hue Connect died at my house (maybe when the hub went offline?) , is the more likely culprit.

If you open the hue connect smartapp with in the smarthting IOS/android app and hit done, it should cause the app the reinitialize.The poll tasks should come back and everything “should” work until it dies again sometime in the near future. :frowning:

@JDRoberts I was following that same logic earlier this week but when i checked My Hubs > List Events > From Hub I saw several disconnects a day, most only lasting 3 seconds but i have not been able to tie my hub disconnects to my scheduled tasks dieing. For me the two are happening at completely different times, but maybe these logs will shed more light for you.

I still don’t know why it stopped polling, but this fixed it for now. The tile updates and the Big Switch is working again. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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I am not sure if it’s related to the latest firmware update but I have set a rule to trigger siren(And also push for motion notification alerts) when the mode is set to Away and when motion is detected. However, Smartthings decided to trigger the siren even when the mode is in Home mode.

I am not sure what’s breaking it… I have triple checked all my rules and nothing seems to be wrong.

Is anyone facing the same issue as well?

My ST app just asked me for a hub update this am.

firmware update ember version: 01.05.0004
Name Value
date 2015-06-15 8:39:19.067 AM PDT (2015-06-15T15:39:19.067Z)
description firmware update ember version: 01.05.0004
displayed false
eventSource HUB
hubId 6def191f-6078-49b2-bdd0-67ca469ea087
id afc4372b-1374-11e5-9ec7-22000b4a0a3b
isStateChange false
isVirtualHub false
linkText Home Hub
locationId 1448f748-6417-4ee5-93ba-63d55b669a6e
name firmware
rawDescription firmware update ember version: 01.05.0004
unixTime 1434382759067
value firmware update ember version: 01.05.0004
viewed false

I believe ember is the zigbee chip.

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Correct Latest ZigBee update

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I don’t know if this is related to this thread, but is anyone here having an issue with WeatherUnderground not updating unless you refresh it in ST “Things”?

In addition to the SmartWeather Tile device, do you also have the SmartWeather Controller smartapp installed? The controller smartapp is responsible for refreshing the device (tile). This is often overlooked.