FortrezZ Siren Random Beeping

I have the Smart Security setup and it has been working great until this morning. We noticed that the FortrezZ Siren Alarm beeped a couple of times (for a split second) at seemingly random intervals. Didn’t think of it and went back to sleep. Later today however it seems to be continually doing the same thing. It doesn’t seem to be triggering off of anything, or tracking in the SmartThings app as a logged event. I have it both plugged into the wall and have the 9v connected so it shouldn’t be a power issue. Anyone had this happen to them at all? Any suggested solutions? It’s scaring the crap out of my dog :frowning:

When I’ve had the Fortrezz Siren go off a few times. It’s because I had conditions that I missed. I’ve had sirens due to wife’s phone not being included with the “Away” condition and another instance this morning when it was linked to another device improperly. I’d double check all of the devices/sensors it may be linked to.

It’s a great way to build to a significant other’s confidence in your toys. :slight_smile:

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issues.

Any updates to these FortrezZ siren false alarms?

Did a Z-Wave repair and it failed to locate the FortrezZ siren. Turns out it is dead.

I’ve e-mailed FortrezZ and am awaiting a response.

@Dave It’s not the FortrezZ siren itself. I’m pretty sure that the SmartThings rules are running which triggers the alarm to go off and then it gets re-triggered to stop. It’s a been happening a bit less lately, but it does still occur from time to time.

I’ve also been getting a ton of latency on actual events firing in ST based on physical world sensors. So I’ll open/close a few doors, then 5 minutes later I get bombarded with all of the events. I think that’s all part of the SmartThings network moving over to Cassandra and all that jazz.

It is making me lose a little bit of faith in the service. I primarily am using ST for security and it doesn’t exude confidence when events take so long to be recognized by the system.

Don’t even get me started on the “MUST have internet connection” nature of the service. I really am looking forward to a local processing solution.

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