Samsung water sensors constantly going offline and online

For the past couple of weeks a lot of ST things have been going haywire.

Attached is a screenshot of what I’m getting notifications of for all of my Samsung-brand water sensors (the only water sensors I have). They keep going offline and back online for no reason whatsoever. No input from me, I’ll literally just keep getting these notifications.

We’ve had a few leaks before, that’s why I went down the smart home rabbit hole to begin with, so I’d really love for these to just steady.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Forgot to, I don’t know, upload the screenshot

A couple weeks ago they were probably converted from an old Device Handler to a new stock Edge Driver. The official stock Edge Driver may not be a good match for your sensor.

I personally use the community written “Zigbee Moisture Sensor Mc” Edge Driver and I not having issues.

Thanks, Paul! I had no idea about any of this stuff, I figured the Samsung one would just work by default.

You’re really helping me out, I really appreciate it!

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I have been using the stock ST Zigbee Water Leak Sensor driver since migration with the Samsung sensors, old and new style.

I have had no issues at all and have been running with the Edge drivers for sometime so possibly not the driver, maybe some network interference somewhere?

V2 UK hub.


I have been using Edge Drivers since the 1st beta drivers were released. And in many cases I have found that the community drivers work better than the official stock drivers because the community developers jump on problems or shortcomings and promptly make the needed changes.


It must be network. Can wi-fi interfere? We got a new router but I don’t see how that would impact Zigbee?

Yep, Wi-Fi can interfere with Zigbee, if you google something like ‘Wi-Fi zigbee and z-wave channels’ you’ll get information and images along the lines of this:

which summarise where the overlaps are :+1:

I didn’t get the notification thing for this, but you are a god, thank you so much! I reached out to TP Link who makes my router, we put it in access point and it worked better.

Thank you SO MUCH though!

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