My echo don't discover ST devices

Dear Support,

I have Alexa, ST and logitech homehub integration.
It used to work fine until 1 month ago, Alexa didn’t execute any of my commands to logitech.

I disconnected them all and reconnected them all back, authorized them. But when I discover devices in the Alexa apps, It didnt discover them at all.

It discover the routines BUT NOT the devices.
I have also tried both blanket permission or manual. tried disable skill on alexa and enable it again,
uninstall alexa on smartthings and install it again.
But No luck on it.

Anyone can help me to fix this?

Thank you

did you disconnect each St and logitech?
then "enable " those skills.
Go through the Auth process - make sure the devices you want to auth are checked off here.
then do the device discovery

I contacted support, and apparently I got 2 alexa in 2 different locations.

I uninstall one of the locations and get it all fixed.