My automation is working off of sunset somewhere, just not here!

I have an automation that is as follows:

If a specific period of time (night so sunset to sunrise) and temperature is above 0F

turn on outside lights and set a color.

Simple enough!

However, they don’t turn on at my sunset…but when I get up in the morning they are on. Temperature is always above 0, but I dont know where it is getting its sunset time…not here obviously! I have another automation for another light that simply turns on at sunset, and it works…like always.

I dont know why period of time sunset to sunrise doesn’t work but a simple sunset time does.

best advice - create two automations. one to turn it on at sunset and one to turn it off at sunrise. There have been issues using sunset to sunrise in the past.

actually that’s the worst advice because it means that the app and the automation parameters are broken. I already do that for the other device and it is dumb, when the option to include both IS RIGHT THERE in the automation parameters!

Stupid junk app.

Mine works fine

Check your location in the ide and make sure this is set correctly. Then check the app.
Lastly, delete the automation and create them again. We found our last week on here that timezones are set according to the location of your phone at the time you make the automation. So only make automation when your home lol

You might post a screenshot of the automation. Maybe something is awry that others can spot.

Or maybe there is no problem in your automation, but it’s just SmartThings behaving in some odd way (as is all too often usual).

There is nothing more basic than that…and I know my time zone is right cause the other automation I have with sunset only works fine.

Can you try changing the Sunset - Sunrise (period of time) to just Sunset (specific time)?

Yes it works if I do that, but then I have to make another for Sunday rise. Why can it just work as shown?

because a time range isn’t a “trigger”. it is only a condiion/filter.


That’s bunk because this one works.

Right, that’s a specific time, which DOES act as a trigger. IMO time range beginning and end should also act as a trigger, but unfortunately that’s not the way it currently works.

They should both do the SAME THING. It is NOT just a “condition/filter”! They are both listed as possible options for chistssake! Why one could be selected and is a trigger and the other is not is COMPLETELY STUPID.

it is pretty basic #%@! logic.

“If Time > SpecificTimeA Then Go” <-works
“If Time > SpecificTimeA and Time < SpecificTimeB Then Go” ← DOESN’T WORK BUT SHOULD!!!

It is broken. Plain and simple. It blows my mind that something that exists in the app could go broken for this long.

If it worked correctly I would have to make one automation. Now I have to make two…or in my case two for every condition because I want light colors to change based on certain other triggers.

I don’t know if this is the case, but my understanding is that automations are fired by triggers when a change occurs. It is possible that what is happening is that the temperature trigger is missing. How often is the weather information updated?
I think the automation works if the temperature condition is met in that period of time, but it is waiting for the temperature event and checks that it has occurred in that period, not the other way around.
If I do an automation that sends me a notification when the temperature is <= 7 ° and now there is 7 ° it does not send anything until there is a change in temperature <7 °
The automation will be executed between sunset and sunraise, when the temperature change event that meets the condition >= 0 arrives.

No that’s not how it should work. The conditions are in order. First period of time and then condition.

It should first check the trigger “is it sunset” and when yes then check if temp is above 0, if yes then turn on lights.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it is simple logic.

I understand your frustration.
From what I see the automations now work as I tell you. If they change it, all we will be happy. The same thing happens with the battery levels, they are activated with changes.
If you are looking for a solution, you must first verify the source of the problem. Check if what happens is that it is waiting for the temperature event, removing that condition and putting another, for example, that the light you want to turn on is off. See if it works.
You can also see in the history of the 7 days of the light at what time it has been turned on. You can see if it follows a sunset pattern time, even if it is from another location, as you think.

It isn’t a matter of “if they change it” it is a matter of they should FIX IT to work as it is currently logically laid out. What you have described makes ZERO logical sense as it is not ascribed in the app that way. That sounds like developers getting off in the weeds and not understanding basic logic statements. It should never work like that. I’ve already changed it to other trigger conditions, which are active at sunset, and they still do not work…because period of time is BROKEN.

I wish you find a good and fast solution :+1:

How this works is when change happens.