"My Apps" section for SmartApps

Why can I never see the My Apps from the Mobile Application Marketplace screen… I’ve logged out and back in, closed the app and opened it back up… Nothing.

Do you have the Apps published in the IDE?
To see them in that list they have to be published.
I’m not sure if you have to have one published to have My Apps appear in the list though.

and they just randomly showed up… wonder how long until i can’t see them again.


The MyApps section on my iOS app has disappeared too. It was there last night when I was installing some device handlers and publlishing a few smart apps. The apps still show as published via the IDE, but now MyApps section via the makrketplace>smartapps on my iOS device.

Any ideas?


Still showing up fine for me on iOS. Hope they aren’t playing with taking that option away from us!

Looks like the category still says my apps, not sure why I don’t have a my apps section.


I have some that are “My Apps” and some that are “Convenience” and they all show up under My Apps in the mobile app for me.

Strange. The MyApps category is back on my iOS device.

Maybe it forgot about the developer criteria? Sometimes when I login into the IDE interface I don’t see the developer tools (e.g. My Device Handlers, etc.) So, maybe my app was having the same hiccup.

Either way. It’s back. Unfortunately, not sure what caused it to disappear or reappear .