Missing "My Apps" after publishing

Im following the getting started tutorial (http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/getting-started.html) and got to the point where its working in the sumulator. I’ve published my app and the tutorial says on my phone to go to the marketplace and select the ‘my apps’ category, but I can’t see that category.

Has this changed, and if so, where can I find ‘my apps’ or the app I just published?


Try hard closing the smart things app and opening it back up?

My two existing smartapps show up on the Marketplace page, smartapps tab at the very bottom listed under “+ My Apps”

Pre 2.0 you had to log out of the mobile app and log back in to make that section appear. Perhaps it’s the same in 2.0?

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried logging out and back in and also force closing the app - neither has worked.


What tabs do you see on the screen after choosing “Marketplace”?