Smartapps not showing up in mobile app

I’ve seen this issue before. Yes, I unchecked the box and read up on previous issues. My apps aren’t showing up in ‘my locations’ either. I tried several apps, including some very basic copies of previous apps that worked fine.

any idea what’s wrong?

ok, a little more info. it seems that the issue is in android, which is missing the ‘my apps’ section in marketplace. iOS has the ‘my apps’ field and works fine.

“My Apps” in the Marketplace in the Marketplace is for self-published SmartApps developed in the IDE in your own Account, that you may or may not have installed yet.

That is entirely different from your list of Installed SmartApp instances which is under the upper right corner “hamburger” menu on both Android and iOS.

Try log off and login again from yr mobile app

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Tried that a million times.