Multisensors Samsung Battery drop quickly after hub v3 firmware update

@nychan, the devices only report changes in temperature or humidity, if there is no change there is no report.
For example, I understand that you have configured (300sec Max Interval and 50 for trigger Temp change).
your device will inform of any change between 0.1° and 0.4° every 300 sec and changes of >= 0.5 ° since previous report, always.
If you only need to see changes >= 0.5° then you must be configure the Interval report to 3600 sec or more. In this way, the predominant trigger of the report will be the condition >=0.5°.
You only will receive reports of less than 0.5° if the 3600 sec passed and there has been a change <0.5°.
I do not know if I have explained well, any questions tell me.

A graphic example in case it helps someone to clarify


@nychan, change the values depending the use that you are going to give the sensor, (control or info only), but bear in mind that you will not receive reports, events, if the configured conditions are not met and therefore you will not be able to trigger automatic actions linked to these Sensors until a change occurs in temperature or humidity that triggers the report, event.

Just one question, I have used both the SmartSense Moisture Sensor+TimeRep+TempChangeRep and the SmartSense Multi Sensor+TimeRep+TempChangeRep DTH but notice the multi sensor runs cloud and the moisture runs locally, is this correct or am I missing something?

Check the dth versión in IDE, must be published or self published.
All dth run local.
If versión is Draft run cloud

Yes multi sensor version is published but execution is showing as Cloud.

Moisture sensor is running local.

How weird!
mine show all local, it’s a v3 hub.
try to put the original dth to see if it puts local and put the modified one again later.
It will not be necessary to change the report values, they remain as you have them

I switched back to the standard dth and its now showing Local and interestingly when I go into the device setting in the app the report triggers are still present although not adjustable and the sensor seems to be following the settings.

The variables values are show, but the original dth configure report with 300sec and 1°.
When you reinstall the modified dth your values will be configured again if you did not erased it

Yes as you say the values are still shown and the standard dth appears to be following the values. The temp value hasn’t updated in the history since 18:24 which at the time of writing is 32 minutes ago. The set value when using your dth was set to 60 mins.

A quick update, I switched back and forward between the standard dth and your dth again and now it is showing local.

Many thanks for your work on this, I will look forward to longer lasting batteries :slight_smile:

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I have 3 batteries with 3 month life and are 91, 92 and 95%
I Hope cintinue this consumption.