Multisensors Samsung Battery drop quickly after hub v3 firmware update

I do not have these devices installed, but I can look at it and test them in the simulator or I send them to you and you test them

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I send to You the link to “Smartsense Moisture Sensor-MCC”
I have put the setting in minutes, between 5 and 120

SmartSense Moisture:

SmartSense Button:

Try it

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Hey there! @Alwas, Thanks for tagging for assistance.

At this time, We currently do not sell replacement batteries and I would recommend using a third-party retailer to locate batteries for purchase.

You can locate the Battery type listed in the Product specs for your specific device on, by searching for your specific model code.

GP-U999SJVLBAA for example would utilize the CR2 type.

I hope this message finds you well!


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@Mariano_Colmenarejo The moisture sensor DTH looks good, also shows local execution and 120 minutes is good. :+1:

And Button too!

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@Alwas, modified the motion and open/close multi sensor DTH Interval temperature report settings for 5 to 120 minutes

Until smarttings offer, if is possible, a solution to return to an acceptable battery life in our sensors and if someone need to improve the duration of the battery (currently about 2, 3 months for CR2450 batteries) of the samsung smatthings sensors or that use the DTH “SmartSense …” with multi-open/close, moisture, temperature or motion devices and do not need as much precision in temperature information.

I have added two settings in preferences:

  • Adjust between 1 and 240 minutes of the maximum interval for sending temperature information. Now by default it is 5 minutes if there is a change of => 0.1º and there is no change => 1º.
  • Adjust between 0.5º and 3º of the temperature variation that triggers the temperature report even if the maximum interval set is not met. Now by default it is a change => 1º.

You must install the DTHs from IDE.

For the settings to take effect on the device, the device configuration must be executed and the following must be taken into account:

  1. The configuration is done only at the time of updating the DTH in IDE.
  2. At that time the settings are set a “null” value and therefore the DTH will execute the default settings 5 ​​minutes and 1º.
  3. In the app you must set the desired values ​​in the settings “THE TWO SET VALUES”, do not leave it in “null”.
  4. In the classic app: Click on the “Configure” tile to send the settings to device.
  5. In the new app:

I pass theDTHs links.
SmartSense Motion Sensor:
SmartSense Multi Sensor:
SmartSense Button:
SmartSense Moisture Sensor:
SmartSense Temperature/Humidity Sensor


Thank you!!!

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Hi @erickv, 3 months have passed since I saw this “Tagging” and they confirmed by email that they would study it.
I have been using the modified DTHs for almost 3 months and the battery consumption has returned to normal, 9% in the devices that are used more frequently and 3% in others that less.
As long as I can continue using the modified DTHs I am not in any hurry, but if IDE disappears, will the official smartSense DTHs be modified so that the time for the temperature report can be configured? There are several manufacturers of open / close sensors that use this DTH. The main function of these sensors is not the temperature and if the excessive battery consumption is not solved they will force us to throw them away.
Thanks in advance

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Thanks, added to one of my Multi Purpose sensors that was suffering battery drain. Set to .5c and 15 minute checkins. Compared to my other sensor this is reporting way less, while still being accurate to control a heater in an outbuilding.

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Would you consider doing a DTH for the SmartSence Temp/Humidity Sensor?

Yes, it can be modified. It is very similar to the other smartsense dth.
The only thing is that I can’t prove it. I do not have a temperature and humidity sensor device

Be happy to test

I do it and I pass it on to you :+1:

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Thank you!!!

I have only been able to test that variables are created with the correct values in the simulator.
Need rerun configure() after installation as instructions
See if it works well for you.

I use a part of code of @mvevitsis for initial variables values

Thanks man. Working as intended with one issue. Humidity is now shown on homepage tile rather than temp and for some reason, the battery is showing on the yop of the device page rather than the temp/humidity

I do not know why.
I have not modified anything on the tiles. It must be because the new app puts the tiles as it sees fit, ignoring the DTH.
I’ll look to see if I see something.

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yeah, thought that was kinda strange

Try typing the name of the modified DTH exactly the same as the original.
Has it ever happened to me that if I don’t do this the app won’t translate the texts into Spanish

Are you talking about “name” at top of device page or in the DTH itself?