Multisensor preferences for Garage set to "Yes"

Got a strange one here and apologies to Currys, the first sensor may well have been working :blush:

So I added a Multisensor for my Garage door but left it at the defaults and checked the reed switch to see if it reported Open and Closed correctly of which it did. I then mounted it on my garage door, and then checked it reported correctly of which it did again but after I finished I then changed the preference for the sensor to “Yes” for “Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?”

A little later I noticed the door was listed as open so I went and checked it but the door was closed I opened and closed and motion was detected and sometime apart from the magnet it showed closed. As I was about to take it down and go back to Currys for a second visit I though what does the Garage option do other than change the icon! Well when I take the Garage door option off it starts working and works well.

So, does anyone know what the Garage option is actually doing to the way in which the sensor is used, why would I use that option? and what the logic of that option is cause sitting flat, side on and flipping may have changed the status but not reliably for me to work out?

Interested in you thoughts!

You have to change the device type in the IDE to Garage Sensor.

This isn’t the case anymore. You no longer have to make changes to the Device Type to use our new SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on a garage door.

Send an email to and they should be able to help you out.

So do I change it back to the way is comes when I set it up?

You can do that or just remove the device and connect it again. Either way, is going to be your best bet.

I tried to change it back to Smartsense Multi sensor and it still doesnt work. Can you explain how to do it?

Follow the steps here to reset the device. But also send an email to the support team!

@tyler I think I will ping UK support as this is the second sensor and either way that i toggle the parameter (IDE or APP) the sensor behavior changes and I just cant fathom when it is Garage door “yes”, what its trying to do, what does it do to the senor behaviour in the sates, if I am asked to explain? Documentation on this does not seem to mention it!

@Joseph_Fattizzi I never changed the sensor type, but you should be able to uninstall the sensor if you have no smartapps linked to it and re-add the sensor, for these I use the generic add and not the specific device add in the app. Sorry if I caused you any grief!

I just chatted with support and they said in order to put the Smart Multi Sensor on a garage door I have to change the device type to Smart Sense Mutli Garage door. It will show if its opened or closed, but not actually open and close. They are working on it and have no ETA as of yet.

I have mine on a garage door but am not using the Garage Door Parameter (Yes), its not an automatic door so the only reason I changed it was to see what the option did (I want tamper alerts and open alerts/time alerts at present), apart from change the icon to a garage door and break the sensor I am still at a loss as to what the parameter is supposed to do but certainly interested in how this proceeds and what you are trying to achieve with it on your garage door.


The garage door parameter changes the device to use the three-Axis sensor in the device to sense the tilt of the garage so you can use it without the magnet.

vertical = closed
horizontal = open

@slagle Thats what I thought, but when verticle it showed open and when horizontal it may flip to closed but then back to open regardless of which vertical orientation it was affixed in the first place. As I don’t have a spare for the moment and I have bought all of my local Currys store stock I will try and experiment when I get a new one!

I had exactly the same issue with the multi sensor used on a garage door. Set the sensor to garage and the magnetic open/close randomly reported the incorrect state. As I had only had ST for a day I assumed it was faulty and took it back to Currys. The new one I left to default conditions and it works fine, so I don’t ever intend to select Garge - Yes, as it’s just doesn’t work. My garage doors are side hinged so perhaps the garage door parameter needs an up an over door to change the attitude of the sensor and then combine it with magnetic open and close when its orientation has changed.???

The implementation of the garage door sensor for the multi is not going to work with side hinge doors. The way it works is based on the orientation of the sensor itself. I.E. Horizontal = Open Vertical == Closed.

In your case using a magnet is going to be the only option.