Cannot set "Garage Door Mode" with SmartSense Multi Sensor

I have been using two SmartSense Multi Sensors since 2015 in order to control my two garage open/close state. Now I finally decided to migrate from my v1 hub to a v2 hub and had to reinstall all devices. These multi sensors are readly recognized and added to the new hub (after resetting them obviously), but there is no option for setting “garage mode” on them. I have already removed and reinstalled them. Do you have any tip for making them work in garage mode (where tilt is used, instead of the magnet).

thank you

Did you also migrate to the new app? In the classic app, when you configure the sensor (gear icon), the last option is “do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?”.

I havent migrated the app.

Then you should have the options shown below. If not, confirm in the IDE that you’re using the smart sense multi DTH…

I have the SmartSense Multi on the IDE. Tried changing it to other devices, with no luck. There is no “Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?” option in neither of them.

I just checked, mine is actually using “Smart Sense Multi Sensor” DTH. I’m not sure if that will make a difference…

I just realized there are two devices with similar names. “SmartSense Multi” and “SmartSense Multi Sensor”. I ve changed from “SmartSense Multi” to “SmartSense Multi Sensor” and now I have the garage door option.