SmartThings MultiSensor as Garage Door issues

I received my order and got everything setup. When I went to integrate them everything worked (even setting them as a garage door). The problem is that the sensor was ALWAYS reading open. It would never register closed even after opening and closing the door. So I went ahead and installed it as a regular sensor with the secondary magnet and it now works reading open/closed.

The issue is that I cannot see how to change the icon on it. When it was set as Garage Door Mode = Yes it was a garage door icon.

So I either want to change the icon or get it to work as a garage door sensor. Any tips?

Hmm… that is strange behavior.

Did you follow the instruction on ?

Mount the Multipurpose Sensor on the garage door
Mount the garage door sensor vertically so that when the garage door is vertical, it will read “closed.” When horizontal, it will read “open.”
To mount the Multipurpose Sensor in the correct orientation:
Set aside the smaller magnet portion of the sensor (not needed for sensing garage door status)
Orient the main sensor vertically, with the line to the right
Attach the sensor to the garage door using the included adhesive strips
Test the setup by opening and closing the garage door

And of course setup in the app “Do you want to use … garage door” to yes

Followed those directions exactly.

Here it is with the door closed. Initially I had it in the middle of the door (by the arm bracket) but that never changed. I then put it on the side (closest to another z-wave switch) and it never changed. I was able to get it to work with the magnet placed on the backside of the rail.

And here it is with the door open…

No matter what I did it would always register open. What I find strange is that it appears for some devices (e.g. switches) I can set the icon. Why can you not set the icon on everything? These Multi-Sensors should let you set an open, closed, temperature, and tilt icon.

Are you using this Sensor as a standalone device (No SmartApp associated with it) so that when the Garage Door is closed that it shows open or closed? Or are you using one of the SmartApps in ST that the sensor has been added to?

If this is standalone:

  1. When you configured the ST Multipurpose Sensor in Things and specified that it was a Garage Door, yes, it changed the Icon, but it also changed which “Capability” the sensor is now using. By configuring it this way, you are using the “Acceleration / Tilt” functionality of the sensor. With it configured this way, you do not need the Magnet with the Sensor (magnet has no purpose). You would mount the Sensor directly against the Garage Door (Facing you) - Before you mount it to the Garage door, hold it in your hand, with sensor bottom facing the ground. It should show Open in Things, then when you mount it to the Garage door (like in the picture - without the magnet - that’s identical to how and where mine is mounted), it should change to Closed.

  2. When you leave it as a standard Open/Close Sensor, then the magnet is required and it doesn’t matter if you mount it on top of the garage door, the side of the garage door or on the garage door facing you. When the Sensor / Magnet is no longer touching it will read as Open. If these sensors are placed to close to other magnetic properties (Door rail of Garage), it’s possible that it won’t function appropriately, or if it’s too far from your hub and you don’t have enough Zigbee repeater devices in between, you may be losing connection.

As for the Icon and using it as a standard Open/Close sensor, I’m not sure if you can add a custom Icon to this DTH or not.

No SmartApp yet.

I understand how it works. I put away the side magnet and had it attached by itself. I held it in my hand (face up) and it was showing open. When I mounted it to my door it stayed showing open.

When I switched it to a regular contact type device it works flawlessly so I am assuming it is not a signal strength issue.

One strange thing is that 3 of the 5 sensors were not sealed, and one looked like it might have been opened once. I am not sure what to make of that.

Have you already set everything up with all of the sensors or can you run a couple of tests with the remaining sensors and see if changing those to function as a garage door has better results than the initial one you tested with?

I had already setup 3 on regular doors (I did them one at a time). These two were “extra”. I already have MyQ by chamberlain so I don’t really need these on the garage doors now.

I use MyQ Lite with SmartThings and in order for my actual Garage door (myq device) to register as Closed, the additional sensor is required because the polling with Chamberlain was shutdown a long time ago.

I know…that is why I was putting them out there. I wasn’t planning on doing the other part yet, just monitoring opened/closed. I was saying that because I already have MyQ I am not really in a hurry to get these set to garage door properly. I am concerned that they wouldn’t work out of the box.

Do these have to be perfectly vertical? What if they are slightly tilted back (maybe the door is off a bit)?

Perfectly vertical or as close to it as possible. Take the sensor and walk over next to your ST hub. Configure it back to garage door and then rotating it in your hand from horizontal to floor into vertical position can you get it to register Closed? If so, then you know the sensor works. If not, try this, configure it to garage door, take the battery out of it, put it back in and then do the hand rotation from horizontal to vertical again and watch it in Things at the same time.

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@dunnma I had the same problem as you. I converted a MultiSensor from a magnetic sensor to a garage sensor. After toggling the setting to use as garage door, it never worked. So, I removed the battery and pressed the reset button while inserting the battery. Bingo! It started work as expected based on acceleration. That’s my guess. Give it a try.

I am using the v3 multi sensor and I guess the NEW Smartthings app so the instruction I was directed to by Smartthings ( could not be followed, this ability is one of the main reason I bought this system and need to know what I need to get this working.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thinking outside the box, could the metal rail be causing an issue? Can you mount the magnet on the very top of the garage door in the middle and put the sensor on the header panel above the door?

Install the SmartThings Classic app, then the instructions will make sense :slight_smile: