Multipurpose Sensors unavailable/offline

As of an hour ago all my Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors are reporting the dreaded “This device is unavailable” status.

I initially thought it was just the one at the garage door (last reporting 89% battery) and tried to reset it and even uses a fresh battery. Now, it won’t even get discovered by the hub.

One of the “working” ones in the attic went offline as well as soon as I triggered an open.

Motion sensors and light triggers are working fine, so this is specific to the Multipurpose Sensors (version using CR2450 batteries).

I’ve power cycled the hub as well as the network connects, no luck.

Hopefully tomorrow’s firmware update fixes this, otherwise something else on the network is broken!

I renamed the ST multisensors (gen2 I think) with CR2450, as permanently “failed”. I have not been disappointed since then.

Is there any fix for the unavailable sensor? I have one multipurpose sensor that we’ve been using since early December and it just became “unavailable” last night.

I think “no”, there is no fix.

On the other hand, why does it matter? As far as I can tell, the “unavailable” indication is just an notification (correct or incorrect) to you that the device made no report recently, and it has no other effect. Since you still actually get new reports from that device, you are not actually missing information.

As such I disregard the “unavailable/offline” indication, other than knowing that Smartthings said/thought the device was unavailable at some point. It’s fake news.

For real status I use SimpleDeviceViewer or a dashboard.